The Museum has been closed on Saturday afternoons till further notice this will continue into this new year 2018.

Due to staff retiring and illness there will be some days the museum may not open very sorry for this inconvenience we will do our best to keep opening.

                         NEW DISPLAY Our new display for 2018 will be the Artifacts shown in our 2018 calendar and Joseph Wilkes. Also 14 new items of Measham ware donated by the Bergman family of Huddersfield on the bottom shelf of the display cabinet could this be one of the  countries largest collections of measham ware ?

New display's subject the Rechabites, come in and see who they are ?

And 100 years since the Amistice.

 THE MEASHAM TIME LINE BOOK By Mary Buckley is now onsale only £5



  We have on sale the World War One book in memory of the fallen in the great war , price £12