Below is a photo of Annie Bonas outside her shop by the Measham Canal bridge where Measham teapots could be Purchased c1900


Measham Teapots and Measham Ware were  made at
Church Gresley in Derbyshire in the last quarter of the 19th century.

It was called Measham Ware because it was ordered 
at Mrs Bonas’s ‘POT SHOP’ in the High Street, near the canal .

People who worked and lived on the barges could order special teapots with the names of friends or relations on them. These were put on by pressing ‘printers’ type into the damp clay.

Measham Ware is dark brown and covered with a strong glaze. Flowers and birds are sprigged ( dipped in liquid clay) and painted in blue, green and pink.

The largest teapots were about 41cm. High and held about 2 and 1/4 litres of tea. On top of the teapot lid there is sometimes a smaller teapot.

Kettles, jugs, tobacco jars and even chamber pots, were also   made in the same  ware.

The factory stopped making Measham Ware in about 1910.